Lottery Sambad is a very popular Lottery event in India, basically came a long time ago to help people to win money and fight poverty and better financial condition of the state. The interesting thing about Lottery Sambad is that you can buy tickets easily & register online. The ticket price is negligible that everyone can buy it. On this website, you can get the live result of Lottery Sambad 11:55 AM, 4 PM, and 8 PM. Check out our article to get more information about Lottery Sambad today’s result, old result, various categories, winning Lottery Insurance benefits, etc.

Lottery Sambad Today Result

Visit our site to get a proper & correct Lottery Sambad result. Lottery Sambad is divided into three parts which are known as Sikkim State Lottery, West Bengal State Lottery & Nagaland State Lottery and the results are shown at 11:55 AM, 4 PM & 8 PM respectively. Every day hundreds of thousands of people participate in this Lottery event and win prizes. These three events have big prizes for the winner which you will find out in our article.

Sikkim State Lottery (11:55 am results)

Sikkim State Lottery result, also known as 11:55 AM result, is an event of Lottery Sambad. This has a big winning prize for winning of INR 11.8 Lakh. The ticket price is so cheap that everyone can afford it. You can participate in the Sikkim State Lottery event 7 days a week easily though you need some proper identification and some valid information with a proper mobile number. Also, you need to buy a ticket as soon as possible because they sold too quickly. Sikkim State Lottery event is divided by names, like for Monday, it’s called “Dear Cherished Morning” and so on.

Sikkim State Lottery Names (11:55 am)Draw Day (11:55 am)Winning Amount Prize in INR
Dear Precious MorningSunday11.8 Lakhs
Dear Cherished MorningMonday11.8 Lakhs
Dear Admire MorningTuesday11.8 Lakhs
Dear Respect MorningWednesday11.8 Lakhs
Dear Love MorningThursday11.8 Lakhs
Dear Valuable MorningFriday11.8 Lakhs
Dear Treasure MorningSaturday11.8 Lakhs

Download PDF of today’s 11:55 am Sikkim State Lottery Result

West Bengal State Lottery (4:00 pm results)

West Bengal State Lottery result is known as 4 PM result which is the second event of Lottery Sambad. This event has a winning prize of INR 50 Lakh which is a very large amount. There is so much rush in buying tickets so get yourself ready to buy tickets as soon as you are ready. Also, you can participate every seven days a week here too like the Sikkim State Lottery event. West Bengal State Lottery event also has various names for their event for each day. Like “Dear Banga Lakshmi Raidak” for Monday & “Dear Banga Bhumi Ajay” for Saturday.

West Bengal State Lottery Names (4:00 pm)Draw Day (4:oo pm)Winning Amount Prize in INR
Dear Banga bhumi BhagirathiSunday50 Lakhs
Dear Banga Lakshmi RaidakMonday50 Lakhs
Dear Banga Lakshmi TorshaTuesday50 Lakhs
Dear Banga Shree TeestaWednesday50 Lakhs
Dear Banga Shree IchamatiThursday50 Lakhs
Dear Banga bhumi DamodarFriday50 Lakhs
Dear Banga bhumi AjaySaturday50 Lakhs

Download PDF of today’s 4 pm West Bengal State Lottery Result

Nagaland State Lottery (8:00 pm results)

Nagaland State Lottery is the last event of Lottery Sambad which results are shown at 8 PM. This event also has the same big winning prize amount INR 50 Lakh as West Bengal State Lottery which results are shown at 4 PM. You can participate every single day in a week. It also has seven event’names for seven weekdays. Like “Dear Eagle Evening” for Monday & Dear Hawk Evening for Thursday.

Nagaland State Lottery Names (8:00 pm)Draw Day (8:00 pm)Winning Amount Prize in INR
Dear Falcon EveningSunday50 Lakhs
Dear Eagle EveningMonday50 Lakhs
Dear Parrot EveningTuesday50 Lakhs
Dear Flamingo EveningWednesday50 Lakhs
Dear Hawk EveningThursday50 Lakhs
Dear Banga Shree DamodarFriday50 Lakhs
Dear Vulture EveningSaturday50 Lakhs

Download PDF of today’s 8 pm Nagaland State Lottery Result

Lottery Sambad today result’s PDF download

To download the Lottery Sambad today result, just tap on our download PDF button and get the right result. If you are a person who searches on youtube for the Lottery Sambad result, it’s not a good decision. Most youtube Lottery Sambad results are fake. So always check on the proper websites to get the right result. You can download PDF of 11:55 AM result, 4 PM result & 8 PM result here.

Lottery Sambad Old result

If you missed any old Lottery Sambad result and want to get all the information, then you must tap on our Old result PDF download button. You can get an old result without any worries.

Lottery Sambad Old result PDF download

Lottery Sambad Old ResultPDF 11:55 AM ResultsPDF 4 PM ResultsPDF 8 PM Results
Lottery Sambad Old (Date)LinkLinkLink
Lottery Sambad Old (Date)
Lottery Sambad Old (Date)
Lottery Sambad Old (Date)
Lottery Sambad Old (Date)
Lottery Sambad Old (Date)
Lottery Sambad Old (Date)
Lottery Sambad Old (Date)

Download Old Sikkim State Lottery Result Download Old West Bengal State Lottery Result Download Old Nagaland State Lottery Result

How to participate in Lottery Sambad?

That’s a good question which comes in our mind that how to participate in Lottery Sambad. Well, you can participate online by visiting the official Lottery Sambad website. Also, who can participate & buy tickets? You can buy tickets and participate if you have an Indian ID proof. It means every Indian is able to participate in Lottery Sambad.

How to watch the Lottery Sambad Result Live?

After participating in Lottery Sambad in (Sikkim State Lottery 11:55 AM, West Bengal State Lottery, 4 PM, or Nagaland State Lottery, 8 PM), you can watch the result live on our website. It won’t delay even a minute. Make yourself home and wish for your win. We provide a friendly environment of our website to our users, as you don’t find any issue regarding the site server issue.

Things You Must Know While Participating in Lottery Sambad

There are some things which you must know while participating in Lottery Sambad, they include some tips & ideas and important information that you require to claim prizes in Lottery Sambad. They are:

  • If you win any Lottery Sambad event, you must need some proper documentation which can be your PAN Card, Bank account number, IFSC Code, recent passport size photos, identity proof, etc.
  • On the back of the Lottery ticket, you have to write your name, address, (in capital words ) & signature.
  • You need a working mobile number while participating in Lottery Sambad.
  • You can’t claim prizes with a torn lottery ticket. So make sure your ticket is safe and you must protect it!
  • Don’t forget to apply for insurance after winning a large prize in Lottery Sambad.

Lottery Sambad Insurance

Think if you win a Lottery and you are so happy but others aren’t so someone out of them sent someone to rob you. What you gonna do? Of course, you can teach the robber a lesson if you are strong enough, kidding. Well, no need for that. Just go and insurance your winning prize. Be safe! We are providing some insurance solutions you can try to avoid problems in the future.

  • Lottery & Gaming insurance solutions
  • Gaming & Lottery prize insurance
  • Indian Gaming & Lotto insurance
  • Lottery Syndicate insurance
  • Lottery Nagaland and Sambad Insurance
  • Lottery insurance Paradox

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Lottery Sambad Contact Info

If you need any further information, you can contact Lottery Sambad.

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32, Metcalfe Street

Kolkata 700013

Final Verdict

As you read all the information we provided in this article about Lottery Sambad, it’s types, history, contact info, old result as well as the current result, winning prize amount, result timing, and download result PDF. So what do you think? If you need any further information regarding Lottery Sambad, don’t hesitate to leave a comment. We provide Lottery Sambad result 11:55 AM, 4 PM, and 8 PM live on our website. You can visit the official website to register online. Have a good day.